Where is the Event Held at?
OPD’s practice site is located at 95 Harbor Master Rd., Gate 7, South San Francisco, CA 94080, adjacent to the South San Francisco ferry terminal. Plenty of free parking is available.

What are the Prerequisites?

An electronically-submitted liability waiver.
If you have any constraints, please inform the instructors ahead of time in order to optimize your experience.

What to Bring
Water, sunscreen, hat, quick-dry outfits, sandals or water shoes, waterproof windbreaker, towel, and a change of clothes. Bathrooms and showers are available on site.

How Much Does this Event Cost?
Our fees are flexible.  For corporations, we will consider your event or per head budget. We recommend the catered lunch because it provides an opportunity for participants to engage with each other after the paddling session. Fees received from these team-building events supplement our students program. Please email us at Info@oysterpointdragons.org for inquiries.

Fun Photos from Past Events:

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How about Something other than Bowling for a Team-building, Bonding, or Fun Event?
Are you seeking novelty when it comes to team building events? Whether you are an organization, a corporate department, families and friends, or simply a group wanting to engage in something new for team-building, bonding, or just for fun, how about … dragon boating?

What is the Team Building Program Like?
The program’s ultimate goal is to enhance the participants’ fundamental value of teamwork in a fun environment.  Our volunteers host team building events preferably on Saturday or Sunday mornings starting at 9 am. Weekday events can be arranged depending on the availability of volunteers.  OPD owns two Kahlua dragon boats and will provide all requisite equipment. The event lasts between 3 to 4 hours.

  •  Registration and waivers
  •  Breakfast – pastries and coffee, if start time is 9 am or earlier
  •  Adjustable paddle and Personal Flotation Device (PFD) fitting
  •  Safety commands
  •  Land warm-up
  •  Water time and coaching
  •  Fun paddling activities
  •  Mini race(s)
  •  Catered lunch
  •  Opportunity for joining OPD as a member

We can host between 10 to 35 participants during one event.  If we have more than 35 participants for one event, we can swap participants in and out of the two boats to give everyone a chance to paddle. Depending on the number of participants, for purposes of the event, we will attempt to split the participants into two boats, filling the other seats with OPD volunteer-paddlers, including lead strokes, which will allow the split teams to partake in a mini race.

What is Dragon Boating?
The sport of dragon boating has been one the fastest growing sports with festivals being held throughout continents around the world.  The most common boat holds a drummer, a steer person, and up to 20 paddlers paddling to cross the finish line faster than the competition. It is an ultimate team sport with little or no consideration for individuality. Power, speed, synchronization, endurance, and mental focus remain the primary elements of this sport. The most common race lengths are 250 and 500 meters in 4 to 10 lanes, depending on the race. Races are held in four main categories: Novice, Recreational, Competitive, and Specialty.

Who We Are
Oyster Point Dragons (OPD) is a 501(c)(3) all-volunteer not-for-profit organization whose vision is to expand and promote the sport of dragon boating as a health promotion program, an approach to leadership development, and a team building technique for schools, corporations, and communities in South San Francisco and the Bay Area in general.

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