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Besides its paddling program, OPD hosts or holds several other programs: water safety clinics; featured talks by a Sports Medicine doctor and by Dietitians; an “Urban Hike” program; and fitness assessments. OPD also seeks out and participates in local, national, and international events, which all provide OPD paddlers and guests with excellent team camaraderie and team travel opportunities.

Safety – OPD’s Safety Committee exists to ensure safety is in the forefront and is ever present. In addition to maintaining OPD’s Safety Manual, it conducts water safety drills such as “man-over-board” drills at Oyster Point and “boat-capsize” drills in a controlled setting.  The last “boat-capsize” drill was conducted at Rossi Pool in San Francisco.

The drill consisted of paddlers:

  1. Simulating a capsize
  2. Calling for “no panic”
  3. Ensuring their seat partner was present and safe
  4. Using their paddle to keep afloat and to reach out to their seat partner
  5. Swimming to the boat
  6. Holding on to the boat
  7. Dragging the boat together back to the edge of the pool

There was also a demonstration of the difference between a loose-fitting PFD and a snug-fitting PFD when it came time to pull a paddler up out of the water.

OPD's 2018 safety clinic will be held on Saturday, March 17, 2018, again at Rossi Pool in San Francisco.

Featured Talks – In addition to physical activities, OPD also hosts talks by professionals:

  • Injury Prevention – OPD had the honor to have Dr. Kapur share with the team a presentation on injury prevention. The 50 attendees learned the importance of warming up with dynamic stretches before and after paddling. Dr. Kapur also introduced simple moves to strengthen the core and small muscles, which would help improve performance.

  • Proper Diet – OPD was equally honored to have a licensed dietitian, Jennifer, and her intern, Jenn, educate the team on proper diet for paddlers and recreational athletes. They talked about the importance of breakfast; the role of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fat; hydration; and sleep.

    OPD also invited a Nutritionist, Christina, to talk to the team about the importance of fatty acids. She explained  how fatty acids help reduce inflammation, help promote cardiovascular health, and help increase muscle speed and endurance.

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International Tavel – OPD paddlers along with family members and friends love to embark on new adventures overseas whether for racing or for sight-seeing. Fun tours, good food, and great company all make these trips fun and memorable. Cities and countries visited thus far are:

  • Stanley, Kowloon, and Hong Kong Island - Hong Kong
  • Seoul - Korea
  • Boracay - Philippines
  • Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Nara - Japan
  • Vancouver and Victoria - Canada
  • Budapest and Szeged - Hungary

Urban Hikes – What started back in November 2014 as a team walk in the Candlestick Point State Recreation Area and up Bayview Hill, became a regular hiking program but focused primarily on well-known or less-known urban trails in San Francisco. Led by avid hiker, David, these hikes offer OPD team members, families, and friends with an opportunity to continue enjoying the outdoors in a group setting, while maintaining fitness levels. These hikes typically happen once or every other month on Sundays.  View More > ...

Fitness Assessments – The team conducts Fitness Assessments for paddlers in preparation for races.  The Assessment consists of paddling ergometer, running, push-up, squat, and plank.  The results are used by the paddler to monitor his or her own performance over time.  The results also assist the coaches in lining up the boats for races.