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While we welcome returning paddlers, we also welcome new friends who want to try out the sport of dragon boating for the first time, or experienced paddlers who are seeking a new adventure with a new team.

*  We encourage you to first browse and learn ‘About Who We Are' and our 'Paddling Program.'

*  While you are at it, you can consult our resources:

*  Fill out and sign an electronic waiver.

*  If you still have some questions or want to let us know which day you are coming, please contact us.

Trial Period – You can try out dragon boating with us for 2 times before deciding if you want to join the team.  For those of you who are completely new to paddling, this may be a completely new experience because you will need to use back and core muscles hitherto under-utilized by many. Your first practice may indeed feel physically awkward and painful but just like any sport, once you get the hang of it, you will love it. However, if you dislike getting splashed, it may take a bit longer for you to appreciate the sport!

Annual Paddler Fees – The annual regular paddler fee per person for any calendar year January 1 to December 31 is listed below.  We may prorate your fees if you start after mid-season.

New-to-OPD paddler: $220
Returning paddler: $200

We also have special programs for high school and middle school students under our Student Program.

Race Fees – Depending on the level of fundraising activities and contributions received, OPD may at its discretion, pass race fees onto its paddlers. Student Programs and Corporate Programs have different race fees requirements.

At OPD's discretion and depending on space availability, we may allow non-OPD paddlers to race with our team.  Depending on how seasoned the non-OPD paddlers are, we may require these paddlers to attend a certain number of practices with our team. Non-OPD paddlers will be responsible for the full per paddler race fees charged by the race organizers, as a reimbursement to OPD.

Paddler Benefits – Your annual paddler fees cover the following benefits:

  • Unlimited practice sessions throughout the entire season
  • Training and coaching from a team led by seasoned / certified coaches
  • Access to adjustable paddles and PFDs *
  • Learning how to steer and drum if you have an interest
  • Paddling in the bay
  • Participating in OPD’s other health programs
  • Learn to paddle on an outrigger-canoe, an OC1 and an OC2. Special training will be provided to first timers, including training on flipping (huli  in Hawaiian)
  • Land training with two rowing/paddling machines and pull-up bar
  • Opportunity to volunteer for the team and for the community in various capacities, thus making use of your natural talents, or learn and acquire new skills, including leadership skills
  • Bringing your family and friends to OPD events
  • Opportunity to travel with the team

* Should you decide later to acquire your own paddle and/or PFD, we can help connect you with a supplier who may offer a discount associated with a certain number of orders. Connecting you to supplier(s) does not imply any endorsements or recommendations, and OPD accepts no responsibility for their products.

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