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Community Involvement:

Commendation – On November 20, 2013, OPD received a commendation from the Board of Harbor Commissioners of the San Mateo County Harbor District for our "Contribution to the Harbor District and the Oyster Point Marina community generally."

Islais Creek – OPD is proud to support Islais Creek Dragon Boat Training Centre (ICDBTC), a youth development training program. OPD offers its practice site, boats, and equipment to the members of ICDBTC, and provides support and assistance in ICDBTC activities and other youth initiatives.

Pacific Dragon Boat Association (PDBA) – Also in line with its purpose to foster national and international amateur sports competition, OPD supports, hosts, and provides resources to PDBA for its coaching clinics to the dragon boat community.

Team USA – In line with its purpose to foster national and international amateur sports competition, OPD supports, hosts, and provides resources to Team USA in its recruiting and try-out efforts and training activities.

California Coastal Clean-up – OPD paddlers volunteer in September for the annual California Coastal Clean-up Day hosted by the San Mateo County Harbor District and the California Coastal Commission. It is a fun opportunity for OPD to contribute to the cleanliness of our coastline.

San Mateo Hep B Free - OPD partners with San Mateo Hep B Free to offer free Hep B screening to the community.

While there are many great organizations that engage in research to find cure or find better cure for dreaded diseases and conditions, there are also many small and even tiny organizations that focus on lifestyle that promotes health and happiness. Oyster Point Dragons (OPD) is one of these tiny organizations.

Healthy Living – OPD makes a difference by providing paddlers with multiple supportive relationships with peers and by offering challenging physical activities and health initiatives in a positive and family-friendly environment.  Besides its paddling program, OPD hosts or holds several other programs: water safety clinics; featured talks by a Sports Medicine doctor and by Dietitians; an “Urban Hike” program; and fitness assessments. OPD also seeks out and participates in local, national, and international events, which all provide OPD paddlers and guests with excellent team camaraderie and team travel opportunities.

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Inclusivity –   OPD is a very inclusive team with paddlers of various ethnicity, gender, ages, and health conditions.  We welcome anyone who wants to have fun while fostering team spirit and friendship.  Our current paddlers range from teens to septuagenarians, some of whom are cancer, stroke, and heart attack survivors, or with other health conditions. All these paddlers are regaining their health, strength, and enjoying support, fun, and friendship as a result of joining OPD.  We also hold sessions for school children who want to learn about teamwork, discipline, and endurance.

Your Support – You can support and help OPD maintain its health initiatives in various ways ...

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